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The rise of the stainless steel industry Internet
Posted On 05/14/2018 06:56:24
The rise of the stainless steel industry InternetStainless steel industry Internet is the use of Internet technology, through the depth of integration with the stainless steel industry, in order to achieve better user experience, thus creating a new business model. Better experience, in the final analysis, is to allow users to get more returns at a lower cost. Its core is to create value for users.[url=https://stainlesssheetprices.com/coil-price/3262.html]25mm Steel Tubing Hardness Seamless Chromoly AISI 4130 Steel Pipe[/url]First, there is no price concessions to the userThe traditional business model of the stainless steel industry is a person-to-person push approach to selling products. The cost of sales methods will inevitably be reflected in the sales price of the products and will eventually increase to the purchase cost of the users. Under the same procurement cost, the advantages of the Internet sales cost of the stainless steel industry are, to the users, a real reduction in the cost of procurement.[url=https://stainlesssheetprices.com/coil-price/3271.html]High Quality Cold Rolled 201 Grade Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Coils[/url]Price is the core of business, and any lively business model has a price advantage. Users always want cheap products. Therefore, the stainless steel industry Internet platform first reflects the price advantage, and it will bring real benefits to users.[url=https://stainlesssheetsale.com/venta-productos/3547.html]Tubo cuadrado del tubo del acero inoxidable de la alta precisión 304l[/url]Second, there is no absolute guarantee of the quality of the goodsAs a trading platform for the public, SteelDog.com provides users with price benefits while paying attention to the quality of the products. Stainless steel products are mostly used in industrial chemical and high pressure resistant environments, and product quality directly affects user acceptance. When the quality of products is not effectively guaranteed, the platform will have nowhere to survive.[url=https://stainlesssheetsale.com/venta-productos/1948.html]Fabricación de barra de acero laminado en caliente ASTM 1020 de 80 mm[/url]

Huawei Switch Stack Configuration Summary
Posted On 04/25/2018 08:52:34
Huawei Switch Stack Configuration SummaryIn general, when there are multiple switch stacks, there is one manageable switch, and the other "standalone switch" in the stackable switch can be managed by the manageable switch. The stackable switch can be very convenient for the expansion of the network, is the ideal choice when building a new network.[url=http://oltsupplier.com/wlan-communication/HUAWEI-52-ports-Switch-S3700-52P-EI-48S-AC-View-52-p orts.html]HUAWEI 52 ports Switch S3700 52P EI 48S AC, View 52 ports[/url]The corresponding stack of multiple switches becomes a whole. We can manage multiple stacked switches as a whole. That is, all the switches in a stack can be regarded as one switch from the topological structure. Stacked switches can be managed as one switch. The switch stacking technology uses a dedicated management module and stack connection cable. The advantage of this is that, on the one hand, the user ports are increased and a wide broadband link can be established between the switches so that each actual user bandwidth is used. It may be wider (only if not all ports are in use).[url=http://oltsupplier.com/access-equipment/Huawei-S5720-32X-Ei-Ac-24-Ge-Rj45-Gigabit-Switch.html]Huawei S5720 32X Ei Ac 24 Ge Rj45 Gigabit Switch[/url]On the other hand, multiple switches can be used as a large switch to facilitate unified management. In actual use, we can only configure the master switch. When you view the port, you can also see all the ports of all the switches. In other words, it looks like multiple switches in appearance, but logically it has become a whole (a switch). Of course, the stack connection and setting methods vary greatly from one manufacturer to another. This document is based on Huawei's switches. The stacking methods of other vendors' switches also refer to the corresponding manuals of the device, but the connection and setting steps are This article is similar, you can refer to this article to operate.[url=http://oltsupplier.com/access-equipment/Catalyst-3560-C-And-2960-C-Switch-Hardware-Installatio n-Guide.html]Catalyst 3560 C And 2960 C Switch Hardware Installation Guide[/url]Huawei Switch Stack Configuration Summary: In summary, the benefits of the Huawei switch stack configuration are numerous. If you have the opportunity to connect multiple switches through a stack, you must use this stable and high-performance method. Believing that the benefits he brings will make it easier for network administrators to reduce the occurrence of open circuit accidents due to excessive network load.[url=http://oltsupplier.com/access-equipment/Hot-Selling-S5720-32P-Ei-Ac-Huawei-24-Port-Gigabit-Swi tch.html]Hot Selling S5720 32P Ei Ac Huawei 24 Port Gigabit Switch[/url]

The method of setting up the wireless router in the school dorm
Posted On 04/25/2018 05:45:47
Using [url=http://ictdevices.com/Data-Communication/Switch/Huawei-24-port-10g-Ethernet-Switch-S6720-30C- EI-24S-AC.html]Huawei 24 port 10g Ethernet Switch S6720-30C-EI-24S-AC[/url] in the home has always been a little bit simple to connect to the Internet, and it's possible for all kinds of wireless devices to go online at the same time. To the school, it was found that the previous wireless routers were unworkable at school, because the school fixed a IP address for everyone, and we only provided our own computer to the school. MAC address, then the school will assign a IP to us. Therefore, even if the router launches a wireless signal, other wireless devices can not directly connect to the Internet. What do you do? First, in the students' help and I search online, we know that the router can be changed to switch to switch to the Internet. First, we need to register a IP with the MAC address of the wireless network card in the school information office, and then insert the network line on the LAN interface of the router (abolish the WAN interface). Then open the wireless router setting to turn off the UPNP function, when the router has become a switch, the [url=http://ictdevices.com/Data-Communication/Huawei-48-10-Gig-SFP+-Ethernet-Switch-S6720-54C-EI-4 8S-AC.html]Huawei 48 10 Gig SFP+ Ethernet Switch S6720-54C-EI-48S-AC[/url] 's home win7sky.com and then fill in the IP address in the INTERNET options setting to surf the Internet, when the router is equivalent to a wireless switch. Disadvantages of setting up a wireless router in school dormitory Because the school only allows one student to apply for a IP, so for those who have a notebook and other wireless devices, only one of the devices can be wirelessly connected to the Internet. If you want to use other wireless devices, you need to refill the device MAC to register the IP, secondly, because the registration of IP is the MA of the wireless network card. C address, so if you do not want to use wireless and want to use wired Internet, you can not connect the line directly on the computer is not the Internet, you need to re - fill the local network card in the Information Office of the MAC to register a IP. School dormitory [url=http://ictdevices.com/VoIP/Video-Conferencing/Huawei-HD-Video-Confeernce-Camera-TE30.html]Huawei HD Video Confeernce Camera TE30[/url] router setting method two This way makes wireless internet access very simple. First, we register a IP (this time we can use the MAC address of the local network card that we can use the computer to register, not to change to the MAC of the wireless network card), then we plug the network into the WAN interface, let the router give full play to its function, open the router setting, fill in the IP information registered in the school in the WAN settings, and set up the LAN The IP address of is used in the settings, then the IP address is changed to automatic acquisition in the INTERNET option settings, which is about to be completed. But one step is not a step. Now we have to play the MAC address clone function, because the school only distributs one person and one IP, we are also registered with a MAC address of a device (the equipment here generally refers to the laptop), so in general, when other wireless devices are connected to the device, because the device's MAC is not me When you register IP, you can not access the MAC of your notebook. But when we click on the MAC address clone in the wireless router setting, it is completely different. The MAC address clone can cheat the computer. It turns the MAC of other wireless devices into the MAC of a notebook filled in when the IP is registered, so that even if multiple wireless devices use a MAC address at the same time, from the Internet, And it's much more convenient. Through second kinds of wireless router setting methods, we can enjoy the [url=http://ictdevices.com/VoIP/IP-Phone/Customized-Office-Hotel-Wired-Analog-Bluetooth-IP-Phone-S ystem.html]Customized Office Hotel Wired Analog Bluetooth IP Phone System[/url] of multiple devices without the constraints of the school, and you still don't try it in a confused way.

Más de un router inalámbrico a vagar sin método
Posted On 04/11/2018 03:09:46
Antecedentes: la empresa red de oficina a la necesidad de lograr la cobertura [url=http://ccitcommunicationsystem.com/productos/olt/242.html]Terminal De Acceso Óptico Para Equipo Mini Olt Zte Gpon Olt Zte C320 Ftth Olt[/url] de la red inalámbrica.Nivel actual de Soho 3 TP - Link router inalámbrico.Cuadro 1 y 2, respectivamente WR845N Mesa WR340G 2. Necesidades: la necesidad de cubrir toda la zona de oficinas.Y para lograr el cambio Seamless interregional. 3. Ejecución: tres Wireless router SSID, cifrado, la clave está en la misma.Sin fisuras de la itinerancia. Medidas concretas: 1. Ver la tasa de uso de bandas El caso de canal para ver primero el uso de la Oficina Regional de la red inalámbrica WirelessMon.El uso de bandas de frecuencia para la baja tasa de uso, para evitar interferencias.En el gráfico podemos ver que además de 1, 4, 6 y 11 de otra banda de uso fuera de la tasa más baja. 2. Configurar el router a 2.1 configuración de SSID: sjzc, banda de la opción 3, de modo inalámbrico 54mbps, la apertura de la función, que permite la transmisión SSID, cifrado WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK, opciones de seguridad automáticamente, el cifrado AES, la clave de la actualización periódica de 86400 (Fig. 2 - 1 a la configuración del router) 2.2 configuración de [url=http://ccitcommunicationsystem.com/productos/olt/217.html]Equipo De Comunicación De Telecomunicación Gepon Olt Ftth 2 Pon Ports 1.25G Zte C320[/url] inalámbrico puerto Lan IP (figura 2 - 2 de boca a la configuración de routers IP LAN) 2.3 cierre de DHCP, la unificación de un nivel superior por equipos de la misma distribución. (Fig. 2 - 3 el router a cierre de DHCP) 3. Configurar el router B Y a diferencia de configuración router b No mucho, aparte de la necesidad de cambiar de frecuencia diferente, a fin de evitar interferencias y Puerto Lan IP también modificar para evitar conflictos con otros [url=http://ccitcommunicationsystem.com/productos/olt/Nuevos-Productos-Huawei-Olt-Ma5800-X2-Gpon-Olt-In-Promoti on.html]Nuevos Productos Huawei Olt Ma5800 X2 Gpon Olt In Promotion[/url]. (diagrama de configuración de router inalámbrico parámetros 3 - 1 b) (boca 3 - 1 diagrama de configuración de router B LAN) 4. Configurar el router C A diferencia de la configuración y el router C no mucho, aparte de la necesidad de cambiar de frecuencia diferente, a fin de evitar interferencias y Puerto Lan IP también modificar para evitar conflictos con otros routers. (parámetros de configuración de router inalámbrico de la figura 4 - 1 c) (parámetros de configuración de router inalámbrico de la figura 4 - 2 c) (Fig. 4 - 3 el router c Puerto LAN de configuración) 5. Resumen y atención Tres bandas router es mejor reducir la interferencia a cinco bandas Cobertura de tres bobinas para evitar superposición de ciego Puerto Lan del router IP tres distintos para facilitar la gestión para evitar conflictos La mejor unidad de IP por DHCP para asignar.Cada router asignar su propio para evitar [url=http://ccitcommunicationsystem.com/productos/sdh/Dispositivo-Sdh-Osn-3500-Ssn1Eas2-Huawei-Eas2-Two-Road-10 -G-Tarjeta-De-Procesamiento-De-Conmutacin-Ethernet-1310-10-Gbase-Lr-Lw-Lc.html]Dispositivo Sdh Osn 3500 Ssn1Eas2 Huawei Eas2 Two Road 10 G Tarjeta De Procesamiento De Conmutación[/url] conflictos

Open ecosystem: cloud data center SDN end-to-end ecosystem
Posted On 04/04/2018 06:16:30
Open ecosystem: cloud data center SDN end-to-end ecosystemIn the huge cake of digital transformation, Huawei takes only 1%. Others are partners. This is Huawei's domineering declaration at the Full Connect Conference. Huawei is also a customer-centric company, and adheres to an open architecture. It is connected with many world-renowned IT vendors. And standard groups.[url=http://switchproductsupplier.com/cisco/5199.html]Huawei mini 8 16 port GPON EPON OLT SmartAX MA5608T[/url]Weaving cooperated to build a complete SDN ecological chain and create a source of ideas for an open cloud ecosystem.[url=http://switchproductsupplier.com/cisco/5204.html]HUAWEI OptiX OSN6800 Huawei OSN6800 DWDM OTN Huawei[/url]Huawei cloud data center network solution is based on the full-level open architecture of Agile Controller controllers and CloudEngine system switches, and includes VmWare, Microsoft, and open source from cloud platforms, controllers and management tools, network devices, and computing virtualization platforms. OpenStack, RedHat, Puppet, F5, KVM, Check Point, Infoblox and many other partners collaborate to provide end-to-end overall network solutions. At the Interop show in Japan in June 2016, the Huawei data center switch successfully won the Best Product Gold Award from the ShowNet product group. The key features of VXLAN and EVPN were verified on site and interoperable with mainstream vendors.[url=http://inverterproducts.com/products/Solar-Panel-100-W-And-Solar-Panel-200wp-For-Water-Solar-System .html]Solar Panel 100 W And Solar Panel 200wp For Water Solar System[/url]Since its global launch in 2012, Huawei Cloud Data Center Network Solution has been successfully deployed in over 1200 data centers in more than 120 countries around the world, aiming to build a simple, open and flexible cloud data center network for customers. Up to now, many well-known enterprises in the world, including Tencent, Norway Evry, Midea, Century Internet, Swiss Abraxas, Russia Central Bank, and other industries covering the Internet, finance, and energy industries have adopted the Huawei cloud data center network SDN solution to achieve joint innovation. Best SDN practice.[url=http://datacommunicationdevice.com/servers/FusionServer_G5500_Data_Center_Heterogeneous_Server.html]FusionServer G5500 Data Center Heterogeneous Server[/url]

What is a power cat? How does a power cat use?
Posted On 03/14/2018 03:49:05
What is [url=http://dcproductprice.com/wholesaleproducts/Huawei-IPDSLAM-MA5616-Pcb.html]Huawei IPDSLAM MA5616 Pcb[/url]? I believe many people don't know much about electric cats, not to mention the use of electric cats. Actually, they are network bridging devices. They are devices that modulate network signals to wires and use existing wires to solve network wiring problems. The following is a detailed description of how the power cat is used? 1. How to use electric cats 1, just connect an electric cat to the router with RJ45 network cable, then insert it into the power socket, then the whole family's power line has the power carrier signal. 2, another power cat connects to the Internet device as the receiving terminal. If you insert another DL-200M on any power outlet, you can connect to the computer with RJ45 network cable, and you will be able to access the Internet. The last point is that when we are using electric cats, we need to notice that a computer needs at least 2 computers, 3 computers and three computers. There are four computers that need four. Two. Advantages of power cat Online The realization of low cost can directly make use of the existing distribution network as the transmission line, [url=http://dcproductprice.com/wholesaleproducts/Huawei-HG8240F-ONU-ONT-GPON.html]Huawei HG8240F ONU ONT GPON[/url] so no extra wiring is needed, thereby greatly reducing the investment and reducing the cost of the network. The scope of the wide range power line is the widest coverage of the network, its size is incomparable to any other network. The power line communication technology can easily penetrate into every family and create great space for the development of the Internet. Three. The working principle of power cat When we connect the route to a power cat and put it on the power supply, the wire lines in our home have changed. From pure conduction current wire, it becomes a double identity of conduction current plus modulated network signal, that is, wire and cable. In fact, using the method of power cat, just a cat with DL-200M power RJ45 cable connected to a router, then it will be inserted into the power socket; then the power line family, just insert a DL-200M in an arbitrary power socket, RJ45 cable and computer connection, can be realized on the internet. How does the power cat use? The above is the introduction of the [url=http://dcproductprice.com/wholesaleproducts/100-Original-HUAWEI-MA5671-EPON-ONU-For-Enterprises.html]100 Original HUAWEI MA5671 EPON ONU For Enterprises[/url] how to use, hope to be able to help you.

How to base stainless steel pipe industry
Posted On 02/11/2018 07:02:58
How to base stainless steel pipe industry"Million Hong Kong" in the stainless steel industry in southern Dainan and even the East China stainless steel sector has a reputation, "then it is from small to large, from weak to strong development of today's grand ceremony?" With this question we interviewed "Million Hong Kong "Total package, to visit step by step the" Million Hong Kong "company's steel dream.[url=http://stainlesscoilstock.com/sheet-stock/7387.html]Manufacture supplying directly low price stainless steel ss316 pipe[/url]Quality is our trump card: The company is set stainless steel research and development, production, processing and sales as one of the enterprises. Main: Stainless steel stainless steel flange stainless steel wire Shaped non-standard processing 201 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321, 2520; and so on. Variety complete, the price is reasonable, quality guaranteed.[url=http://steelcoilsales.com/on-sale/12190.html]Alambre de soldadura profesional del acero inoxidable del fabricante 316l ajustable[/url]"Steel Dream" Our common dream: a company that has dreams and constantly uses its own actions to realize its dreams is worthy of our trust! Company personnel from the management to the grass-roots level, always adhere to this dream. Companies adhere to the quality of life, in good faith for the soul to serve as the foundation, and dedication to customers to create excellent quality and reasonable prices of stainless steel products.[url=http://stainlesssheetprice.com/products-list/7028.html]Best Price Din1.4301 ASTM 201 Stainless Steel Coil With China Supplier[/url]- Driving Dreams with Culture: Corporate culture is the soul of a company when it comes to corporate culture. "We often eat and chat with grassroots employees, and they are an indispensable part of our dream." The company is accountable to employees and the employees work for the company. The steel produced in this cultural atmosphere is carefully produced and the quality is beyond doubt.[url=http://steelsheetprices.com/steel-sheet/6632.html]Stainless Steel 304l Cold Roll Coil Coil Bands[/url]

Dainan stainless steel industry support the healthy growth of the steel...
Posted On 01/24/2018 02:20:28
Dainan stainless steel industry support the healthy growth of the steel industrySlight fluctuations in the price range is normal, psychologically speaking, steel mills and direct users want the price is relatively stable, there are still some institutions and social forces hope that the volatility of a little better, good opportunities to make money.[url=http://stainlesssheetprice.com/price-list/6088.html]maraging steel 400 series 430 stainless steel round bar[/url]Long-term business of our long products this year to maintain the price of long-term stability, stability is good, short-term surge will spit it out, we must consider the relationship between the price of the balance.[url=http://steelcoilsales.com/in-stock/11711.html]hoja de acero inoxidable decorativa del final cepillado cr 321[/url]Now rebar has more than 3,500 yuan / ton, up nearly 1,000 yuan over last year, soaring space has been limited, the price is expected to prices and prices have to be cautious, do not get out of the limelight, the price of long products To maintain a strong self-restraint, scientifically formulate steel prices, research market supply and demand and forecast, to ensure that the price is in a reasonable range. At the same time, we must improve the long material marketing model and increase the direct supply ratio. In the market transactions have to play the role of market players.[url=http://steelsheetsales.com/steel-sheet/12634.html]High Quality 6mm Thick Galvanized Steel Sheet Metal Price[/url]Steel prices and ore prices are associated. In recent days, import ore prices rose too fast, from less than 80 dollars quickly to 90 dollars, not normal, soaring ore import prices will seriously disrupt the smooth operation of the market, we must be highly vigilant. In the past, the deposit of 100 million tons in Hong Kong would have to be cut. Now that there are nearly 130 million tons of storage in Hong Kong still rising prices, who is buying? How much trading volume? Just look at the price index reflects the real situation of the transaction, to analyze, cautious shot, not on the trap, the long material market changes want to make a lot of money.[url=http://steelsheetprices.com/steel-sheet/6507.html]High Quality 904l Super Duplex Stainless Steel Pipe[/url]

IP address conflict caused by SOHO routers 1
Posted On 12/06/2017 01:29:44
SOHO routers, a lot of units are in use, the common brands are Cisco, H3C, TP-Link, D-Link and so on. SOHO [url=http://switchonsale.com/huawei/Huawei_Optix_Osn_500_Ethernet_Board.html]Huawei Optix Osn 500 Ethernet Board[/url] have routing, switching, and some wireless functions. With the increase in the number of SOHO routers used in the network, more and more related failures are brought. This article, through an example, gives you a better understanding of the function and use of SOHO routers. Figure 1 network structure diagram 1, the company network structure unit network structure diagram as shown in Figure 1. In order to ensure the stability and redundancy of important equipment, the core layer switch uses two Cisco 4506 and connects through the Trunk line. A number of Cisco 3750 switches are used in the access layer. For the sake of simplicity, only two sets are drawn. Some important servers are connected to the core switch, such as DHCP, E-MAIL server, WEB server and so on. The deployment of the unit IP address is the address of the private 172 network segment of the B class. The IP address of the DHCP server is Cisco 4506 and Cisco 3750 are also Trunk connections. 4506 through fiber connections to the Internet. two, during the failure process, unit recruited an employee to connect its PC to the network, but it always prompted &ldquo when accessing. The IP address conflicts with other systems on the network &rdquo. Later, the network cable on the computer network card was pulled out and reinserted to get the computer to get the IP address from the DHCP server again, but the failure was still. Then, in the &ldquo of the computer, [url=http://switchonsale.com/huawei/User_Side_Ont_Modem_Huawei_Modem_Hg8040.html]User Side Ont Modem Huawei Modem Hg8040[/url] command line &rdquo, &ldquo, ipconfig /release&rdquo, command release the IP address on the network card, then execute the command &ldquo, ipconfig /renew&rdquo, let the computer retrieve the address again, but the system still prompts the address conflict. then, we are in “ the command line ” execute “ ipconfig /all” find the IP address obtained by the computer is Since the address conflicts are prompted, there is a certain device that is sure to use the address in the network. In order to verify this judgement, we first turn off the computer that is newly connected to the network, then execute &ldquo, Ping and command on the network, and the result is Ping as expected. This proves that one of the devices in the network is using The next thing is to find out the device. three, troubleshooting steps 1, according to the design of the original network, the client automatically obtains IP address from the DHCP server, that is, the IP address used by the client is not fixed. When the IP address rented from the DHCP server expires, the IP address will change if you re - get it again. But in the same VLAN network, the use of address, there may be more than 100 PC, the total can not be checked by one by one, the efficiency is too low. 2, and finally we put the way of finding on Cisco 4506 and Cisco 3750, because there are ARP tables in all three switches, but there are two layers CAM tables corresponding to host MAC address and switch interface in the two level and the three level switch. With these two tables, it is easy to find a device that corresponds to the IP address. First, we execute the following commands in Cisco 4506: Cisco-4506#show ARP include | Address Age (min) Hardware Addr Type InterfaceInternet 8 00d1.8624.1a02 ARPA Vlan11 the above command displays the results in table 4506 is only part of ARP content. Through it, you can find the MAC address 00d1.8624.1a02 corresponding to the IP address 3, because each computer's [url=http://switchonsale.com/huawei/Cisco_Router_Cisco1921_Sec_K9_1900_Series.html]Cisco Router Cisco1921 Sec K9 1900 Series[/url] MAC address is the only global, so we go on Cisco 3750 performs the following command: Cisco-3750#show mac-address-table dynamic include Address Table-------------------------------------------Vlan Mac | 00d1.8624.1a02Mac Address Type Ports----------------------------11 00d1.8624.1a02 DYNAMIC Gi1/0/13Huawei Ua5000 Onu F01D500

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