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Pray for Pakistan
Posted On 01/11/2010 06:25:41
Kyun aankh mein behte hue ashkon ki larri hai,Chup reh mere hum watan qayamat ki gharri hai,Hota hai kuch gumaan sa maidan-e-hashr ka,Har aik musalman ko apni parri hai,Mit jaae mera des yeh haalaat bana kar,Aitraaf ki har qaum tamashe pe kharri hai,Phir surkh surkh hai mere daryaon ka pani,Lagta hai kahin khoon ki barsaat parri hai,In zalimon ko jarr se mita de ae mere Allah,sab hath uthao k duaon ki gharri hai. Pray for Pakistan

You can win life
Posted On 01/08/2010 08:07:19
You can win life by all means if u simply avoid two things, Comparison and expectation

I wrote on the door of heart
Posted On 12/03/2009 10:24:23
I wrote on the door of heart "plz dont enter it". Love came smiling and said "Sorry i m illiterate"

In tough times
Posted On 11/26/2009 12:11:27
In tough times u will find two hands eagerly waiting to help u.And those 2 hands will be at the end of ur own arms.

Tags: Nipolean

If people are trying to pull u down
Posted On 11/25/2009 19:48:06
If people are trying to pull u down .......... Be proud about it because it only confirms u r above them

Hard job by laziest man
Posted On 11/19/2009 10:13:01
Whenever there is a hard job to be done,I assign it to a laziest man,As i m sure he will find an easy way of doing it.

Insan ka zameer
Posted On 11/05/2009 17:51:03
Chand sikkon k iwaz bikta hai insan ka zameer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kon kehta hai mere des mein mehegai boht hai

Posted On 10/22/2009 04:04:42
A pakistani and an american met on a plane and had a bet that if pakistani fails to answer his question he must give 5 dollars and if american fails he has to give 500 dollars. American: Whats the difference between earth and moon? Pakistani silently gives 5 dollars. Pakistani: Which is the animal with 3 legs goes to the mountain and returns with 4 legs? The american searches for 2 hours on internet and gave 500 dollars and asked about the answer? Pakistani again silently gave 5 dollars.

Question paper in year 2020
Posted On 10/15/2009 07:26:35
Name the cities of pakistan where electricity is found? How does sugar taste? Explain in ur own words. Draw a neat and labelled diagram of a suiscide jacket? In ancient times what was petrol used for? Support ur answers with examples

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