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Posted On 09/20/2006 08:53:02 by kalhonaho
:wink:Please come and sit beside me
I have so much to say
The words I have to share with you
I need to speak today
My love for you is growing
You're more than just my friend

Sometimes I hide my feelings
Or deny they may be true
I bury them deep down inside
So I can feel secure
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Posted On 09/19/2006 20:07:29 by swat_prince2020

yadgaar ramadan
Posted On 09/19/2006 10:03:03 by stingpoison
Mohabbat QURAN-E-PAK main masrofiat aur thakaqat ko thukradijiye ho sakta hai yeh aap ki zindagi ka aakhri ramadam ho.
NAMAZ-E-TARAWEEH : lahja arab quraaat asaan tareen tafseer k saath B.MAQAM: HAMZIA GOSIA LAWN (SHAHZADA LAWN ) jail chorangi
AFTER NAMAZ-E-ESHA 8:30... Read More

You can get it if you really want
Posted On 09/18/2006 18:07:15 by Insha
You can get it if you really want,
but you must try,try and try,try and try,
You'll succeed at last.
Persecution you must fear,
win or lose the battle,get your share.
Got your mind set on a dream,.
You can it though hard it may seem now.
You can get it if you really want.
But you must try,try and try, try and try.
You'll succeed at last. I know it.
Rome was not built in a day.
opposition will come your way.
But the harder th... Read More

Unforgetable friends
Posted On 09/18/2006 14:48:55 by Insha
Unforgetable Friends

Can you believe
the friendship we successfully made,
a friendship that is so strong,
that nothing will ever make it fade.

But as senior year fastly ends,
comes a decision we don't want to choose.
A day we have to say good-bye,
a terrific friendship we would sadly loose

Different lives we would have,
seperate places we will live,
new people we will meet,
our love to them we'll... Read More

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