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Category: Music
Type: Public
Created: Jul 17, 2007
Members: 8
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Location: KaRaChI~>CiTy Of LiGhTs , Pakistan
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worldfriend OFFLINE

It started off as Sar kiye yeh pahar. Then suddenly the band who sang this song vanished. And whenafter eight years the Strings launched their smash hit album called Duur I realized that they were the same guys whose tunes infused a craze of music inme at a very young age. After receiving loads and loads of laurels and plaudits for their last release the duo is back in the spotlight. Dhaani was their latest offering and they seemed to have a great deal of expectations with this album. and there expectations came true as nowadayz there songs are ruling on every one's mind
listen to dhaani, chhaye chaye, soniye, na jane kiun, aur kahani mohabbat ki, hue anjane kiun, mera bichra yaar and there latest track that is yeh hai meri kahani.........the 1 in ZINDA movie these guyz are awesum...u never get bored listening to their music they simply rox all cheers to them
every strings fan is welcum to join dis community nd discuss wid us abt the most talked band these days

Posted By: msl362 on Aug 13, 2007
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Posted By: worldfriend on Jul 18, 2007
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