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Friendships multiply joys and divide griefs. ...thats y i am here

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playing computer games and love to make friends

english and indian movies..........SPECIALLY 300,passenger 57,anaconda,clifhanger

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some islamic and sometimes STORIES books....

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Aasmaan.. ko chotey jaein hum

if someone hurt me..............

Friendships multiply joys and divide griefs. thats y i am here

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06/12/2010 14:28:35
plz gallery or my item ma nabeel nam ki pic hain ap sab sa meri request hai k wo ap k cute comments ki muntazir hain so plz dnt hesitate khulay dil sa dan:wink::wink:

05/22/2009 06:06:28

Conditions for Jummah Salaah

There are certain conditions that a person must fulfil before Jummah Salaah becomes compulsory. They are:
1. To be a male.
2. To be within the boundary of a town.
3. To be healthy (physically able to perform the Salaah).
4. The road to the Masjid should be safe.
5. Not to be physically handicapped, for example, being blind or cripple.

Sunnah Acts on the Day of Jummah

1. Make Ghusal (bath), trim nails and remove the unwanted hairs of the body.
2. Wear clean clothes. Of course, this should be done at all times.
3. Use sweet scent (I’tr) when going to the Masjid.
4. Try and read the following Surahs: Surah Kahf and Surah Dukhaan.
5. It is highly recommended that one reads the Salaatus Tasbeeh.
6. Read as much Durood Shareef as possible.
7. Make as much Du’a as possible.

The Jummah Salaah

1. The time for Jummah Salaah starts after Zawaal until the end of the Zohar Salaah time.
2. After the first Azaan, read the 4 Rakaah Sunnat-e-Mu’akkidah.
3. The Imaam normally gives a short lecture.
4. Then the two Khutbah are read. You should not speak, read Salaah or make Zikr during the Khutbah. You should listen carefully to the Khutbah and face the Imaam.
5. After the Khutbah, 2 Rakaah Fard Salaah is read with Jamaah.
6. Thereafter, the following Salaah are read: 4 Rakaah Sunnat-e-Mu’akkidah, 2 Rakaah Sunnat-e-Mu’akkidah, and lastly, 2 Rakaah Nafil Salaah.
7. Since Jummah is not Waajib upon the females, they can read their Zohar Salaah at home.
8. A person who misses his Jummah Salaah can perform his Zohar Salaah.
9. Nowadays, it is seen that many youngsters rush off from the Masjid immediately after the Fard Salaah of Jummah. This is a great sin as they are leaving out the Sunnah of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam).
10. It is a great sin for a male not to go for Jummah Salaah without a valid excuse.
11. Avoid talking and making noise in the Wudu Khana and Masjid during the lecture and the Khutbah.
12. Do not come late to the Masjid and miss out on listening to the Jummah Khutbah. Many have the habit of just entering the Masjid before the end of the Jummah Khutbah and rushing for the Fard Salaah. This is not a good practise.
13. It is of great benefit to recite the Salaatu Salaam (ie. send Salaams to Sayyiduna Rasulullah sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) after the Jummah Salaah.

05/21/2009 09:33:20
ASLAMULAKUM N HOW R U 4M ALIA CAN I SMS U MUHAMMAD(S.A.W) SAID:The MUSLIM UMMAH is a unique UMMAH among the whole of the mankind “their LORD is ONE,their WAR is ONE, THEIR peace is ONE, their Honour is ONE & their TRUST is ONE “.
“Knowledge is of 2 kinds.one is that which is absorbedn second is that which is heared.n that which is heared donot profit if it is not absorbed”by Ali ibn Abi (Talib).

02/19/2009 12:27:29
how bad ur bg zzzzzzzzzz
ma eyes are aching

12/25/2008 16:05:20

griefsdivider wrote:

salaam bhai ajn

w/salam, h r u, and where r u.

12/13/2008 05:38:20
salam, bhai jan kese hu or kya kar rahe hu.

04/19/2008 20:10:25

griefsdivider wrote:

salaam bhai jan kaisayy hoo app

Allah Ka Shukar hai.. Aap nazar he nahee aaraheen hai???

04/02/2008 09:19:17

griefsdivider wrote:

salaam bhai jan kaisayy hoo app


Walikumassalaam khibla,

alhamd iam doin ok hope the same from u

04/01/2008 13:33:35

griefsdivider wrote:

Main acha hoon , thanx  ... tum kesay hoo

salaam bhai ja n ksaii ho ap

03/28/2008 17:35:23

griefsdivider wrote:

salaam bhai ajn han wasi b theek hay woh orkut use kerta hay app ki
id hay kia orkut kii too main app ko us ki id daita hoo tang kerna app
usay :-p and bhai jan studies ....ik course kerna ahy GRAPHICS ka YA
phir AUTO CAD ka us kay badd b com kerna ahy ....

bhai ik kam hay app say plz na mat kerna


merii site hay yanii blog hay is main oper top per google ads hoon hgay
blue colour kay app cliks ker doo un per sirf 2 adds per clik kerna and
her add ko 2 min kay liyay opoen rehnay daina us kay bad meri site koo
15 daffa refrehes kerna plzz its a request yeh kam jab kerna hoo ga
dobara to main app ko msgs ker diya karoo ga sirf 2 adds ko kerna zyada
ko kiya na too main gya:-p

yaar yeh bhi koi kaam hai main na nahi kahtaa lakin sab say pahlay toh baat yeh hai kay mujhay samajh hi nahi aaya kay karnaa kiaa hai aur dosri baat yeh kay main nay page ko boohat try kia hai open karnay kay liaa lakin kuch aur khul jataa hai 15 mint say yehi kaam kar rahaa hoon lakin page hi nahi aarahaa hai

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