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Jordan Brand Air Jordan XXXIII PF Basketball Shoes
Posted On 10/08/2018 11:37:35 by sh460121
2019 Jordan, The Air Jordan XXXIII is revolutionized and rehearsed with this classic basketball shoe collection. Innovative FastFit fastening system helps lock your feet and boost your performance, combined with the carefully adjusted new Flightspeed technology for powerful propulsion. In 1982, Michael Jordan took the championship back to North Carolina with a wonderful winning goal, kicking off its legendary prelude. In 1985, he put on the first year of the Air Jordan I system, subverting the routine, defeating the opponent's will, and winning the hearts of countless fans around the world. This year is undoubtedly the most popular year for Air Jordan Shoes. Whether it is the sale of joint models or the re-enactment of basic models, countless shoe fans are crazy. The arrival of this pair of Air Jordan XXXIII really makes Jordan Brand show the world a new generation of AJ series design, which can be described as practical, comfortable and fashionable. It is worth mentioning that this pair of shoes is equipped with FastFit technology. FastFit, you can quickly achieve a full foot lock with just one pull. Simply pulling up the buckle on the upper will drive the system to tighten the cable, enabling 360-degree locking from the ankle to the forefoot, unlocking, just pulling another tab on the inside of the shoe, cable It can be released. The midsole is equipped with Flight Speed ​​technology and Nike Zoom Air air cushion unit, which is full of technology. As the top signature shoe of New Air Jordans 2019, the annual Air Jordan series is a big show in the sneaker world, which is very popular among fans and fans. Jordan Brand is also committed to the development of new sneakers, this time, the brand released the Air Jordan XXXIII with the latest technology and design elements. After withdrawing the DNA of the brand "Flying", this Air Jordan XXXIII is inspired by aerospace. It can be seen that the design of the sneakers has added a lot of industrial elements related to aerospace, with white as the main axis, such as the red printing of the straps and the interlining. The details can be felt in the inspiration from the spacesuit. The midsole cushioning is equipped with a front and rear palm-type Zoom Air air cushion, the forefoot is a large-area horseshoe-shaped air cushion, and the back palm has a small hexagonal shape. In order to achieve a good start-up response and transition, Flight Speed ​​technology has also been upgraded, accounting for about 2/3 of the size of the sole. Overall, the AJ 33 is definitely the most anticipated basketball shoe of the year.

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