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The method of setting up the wireless router in the school dorm
Posted On 04/25/2018 05:45:47 by wangyueyue
Using [url=http://ictdevices.com/Data-Communication/Switch/Huawei-24-port-10g-Ethernet-Switch-S6720-30C- EI-24S-AC.html]Huawei 24 port 10g Ethernet Switch S6720-30C-EI-24S-AC[/url] in the home has always been a little bit simple to connect to the Internet, and it's possible for all kinds of wireless devices to go online at the same time. To the school, it was found that the previous wireless routers were unworkable at school, because the school fixed a IP address for everyone, and we only provided our own computer to the school. MAC address, then the school will assign a IP to us. Therefore, even if the router launches a wireless signal, other wireless devices can not directly connect to the Internet. What do you do? First, in the students' help and I search online, we know that the router can be changed to switch to switch to the Internet. First, we need to register a IP with the MAC address of the wireless network card in the school information office, and then insert the network line on the LAN interface of the router (abolish the WAN interface). Then open the wireless router setting to turn off the UPNP function, when the router has become a switch, the [url=http://ictdevices.com/Data-Communication/Huawei-48-10-Gig-SFP+-Ethernet-Switch-S6720-54C-EI-4 8S-AC.html]Huawei 48 10 Gig SFP+ Ethernet Switch S6720-54C-EI-48S-AC[/url] 's home win7sky.com and then fill in the IP address in the INTERNET options setting to surf the Internet, when the router is equivalent to a wireless switch. Disadvantages of setting up a wireless router in school dormitory Because the school only allows one student to apply for a IP, so for those who have a notebook and other wireless devices, only one of the devices can be wirelessly connected to the Internet. If you want to use other wireless devices, you need to refill the device MAC to register the IP, secondly, because the registration of IP is the MA of the wireless network card. C address, so if you do not want to use wireless and want to use wired Internet, you can not connect the line directly on the computer is not the Internet, you need to re - fill the local network card in the Information Office of the MAC to register a IP. School dormitory [url=http://ictdevices.com/VoIP/Video-Conferencing/Huawei-HD-Video-Confeernce-Camera-TE30.html]Huawei HD Video Confeernce Camera TE30[/url] router setting method two This way makes wireless internet access very simple. First, we register a IP (this time we can use the MAC address of the local network card that we can use the computer to register, not to change to the MAC of the wireless network card), then we plug the network into the WAN interface, let the router give full play to its function, open the router setting, fill in the IP information registered in the school in the WAN settings, and set up the LAN The IP address of is used in the settings, then the IP address is changed to automatic acquisition in the INTERNET option settings, which is about to be completed. But one step is not a step. Now we have to play the MAC address clone function, because the school only distributs one person and one IP, we are also registered with a MAC address of a device (the equipment here generally refers to the laptop), so in general, when other wireless devices are connected to the device, because the device's MAC is not me When you register IP, you can not access the MAC of your notebook. But when we click on the MAC address clone in the wireless router setting, it is completely different. The MAC address clone can cheat the computer. It turns the MAC of other wireless devices into the MAC of a notebook filled in when the IP is registered, so that even if multiple wireless devices use a MAC address at the same time, from the Internet, And it's much more convenient. Through second kinds of wireless router setting methods, we can enjoy the [url=http://ictdevices.com/VoIP/IP-Phone/Customized-Office-Hotel-Wired-Analog-Bluetooth-IP-Phone-S ystem.html]Customized Office Hotel Wired Analog Bluetooth IP Phone System[/url] of multiple devices without the constraints of the school, and you still don't try it in a confused way.


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