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Posted On 04/09/2018 06:48:55 by rs3gold11
While buy safe wow gold it is true that a present day company named after a delicious fruit has been able to capture the public's interest in slick technology, let us not forget Sir Isaac Newton was the original apple innovator with his theory of gravity. Gravity was a big idea. Big ideas drive the world forward, predictions of big ideas have come true, and there are currently a few very real big ideas currently under development in some form or another. Each one of these five technologies are inspired by big ideas, and when they come to fruition (pun intended), they will change the way we travel, or think about travel. Touchable holography is possible. Soon enough we'll be able to reach out and touch memories from our last vacation on interactive maps like Google Earth. The tech: Nokia and Intel are pouring some very real money into 3D and holographic research with the founding of their joint research lab. Throw in Google's continued mapping of the world with Google Maps and Google Earth, Microsoft's surface technology, and the advancement of 3D and holographic displays and projectors (seen above), and the future is bright indeed. Tech to travel: People have always found new ways to show images dear to them. First there were cave drawings, then sophisticated canvas paintings, then motion pictures, onto television, then The Carosel slide show projectors, and now there's online photo galleries. Walsh says, "There will be a holographic map sitting on their coffee table where they can pull up different photos and bits of where they've been." He continues, "The journey will be mapped up because of GPS location capabilities, and most of their photos will have been taken automatically by cameras around their neck based on algorithms working out what was actually interesting. So you can follow the route right on the Google Earth holographic tabletop map." Timeline: Flatscreen display two years. Holographic display five years. Click "Next" or a page number below to see four more sci fi travel innovations. 2. Augmented reality hits the big timeAugmented City 3D from Keiichi Matsuda on Vimeo. The tech: The idea behind augmented reality, or AR for short, is to apply virtual layers to real life, sort of like applying layers in Photoshop if real life was the background image. While augmented reality might look holographic, it actually isn't as the images don't take up actual real space, but are seen through a screen. In Tokyo, people use the Sekai Camera app for iPhone to take pictures of their favourite dishes in restaurants, which then display in your phone when you hover over an empty table." Timeline: Six Months. Walsh also thinks in 18 months to two years branded luxury travel experiences will function as intermediaries via mobile phones. This would be like a Gucci guide to Rome, where participants can not only locate the nearest Gucci store, but have Gucci take them to various places past and present by moving their camera around and seeing photos of those spots from the past. 3. Fully immersive 'staycations'Imagine the walls and ceilings of a room covered in these bad boys. The tech: Consumer friendly wall sized 3D televisions are now available and touchable 3D is in development in Japan. Microsoft is releasing their motion controlled, controller less Xbox360 periphial Kinect before Christmas. Hi Guy! Happy to take part in Safewow Great Promotion for all Safewow members. Please register or log in safewow before buying WOW GOLD US/EU with "WOW7L"code or other products, then you will get 3x reward points from April 13 to April 19, 2018. Meantime safewow new member system is also online,don't miss to be a new member and you will gain extral 1%-8% discount for buying any Products. Safewow WOW GOLD link:https://www.safewow.com/wow-gold-us https://www.safewow.com/uploads/Safewow/EDM/april_members_seo.jpg

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