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Open ecosystem: cloud data center SDN end-to-end ecosystem
Posted On 04/04/2018 06:16:30 by wangyueyue
Open ecosystem: cloud data center SDN end-to-end ecosystemIn the huge cake of digital transformation, Huawei takes only 1%. Others are partners. This is Huawei's domineering declaration at the Full Connect Conference. Huawei is also a customer-centric company, and adheres to an open architecture. It is connected with many world-renowned IT vendors. And standard groups.[url=http://switchproductsupplier.com/cisco/5199.html]Huawei mini 8 16 port GPON EPON OLT SmartAX MA5608T[/url]Weaving cooperated to build a complete SDN ecological chain and create a source of ideas for an open cloud ecosystem.[url=http://switchproductsupplier.com/cisco/5204.html]HUAWEI OptiX OSN6800 Huawei OSN6800 DWDM OTN Huawei[/url]Huawei cloud data center network solution is based on the full-level open architecture of Agile Controller controllers and CloudEngine system switches, and includes VmWare, Microsoft, and open source from cloud platforms, controllers and management tools, network devices, and computing virtualization platforms. OpenStack, RedHat, Puppet, F5, KVM, Check Point, Infoblox and many other partners collaborate to provide end-to-end overall network solutions. At the Interop show in Japan in June 2016, the Huawei data center switch successfully won the Best Product Gold Award from the ShowNet product group. The key features of VXLAN and EVPN were verified on site and interoperable with mainstream vendors.[url=http://inverterproducts.com/products/Solar-Panel-100-W-And-Solar-Panel-200wp-For-Water-Solar-System .html]Solar Panel 100 W And Solar Panel 200wp For Water Solar System[/url]Since its global launch in 2012, Huawei Cloud Data Center Network Solution has been successfully deployed in over 1200 data centers in more than 120 countries around the world, aiming to build a simple, open and flexible cloud data center network for customers. Up to now, many well-known enterprises in the world, including Tencent, Norway Evry, Midea, Century Internet, Swiss Abraxas, Russia Central Bank, and other industries covering the Internet, finance, and energy industries have adopted the Huawei cloud data center network SDN solution to achieve joint innovation. Best SDN practice.[url=http://datacommunicationdevice.com/servers/FusionServer_G5500_Data_Center_Heterogeneous_Server.html]FusionServer G5500 Data Center Heterogeneous Server[/url]


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