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The newspaper says that
Posted On 03/13/2018 02:24:20 by carersgole
The newspaper says that Slovenia's most prominent boxer Dejan Zavec is OSRS gold among those named in the leaked documents. He has said he has done nothing wrong.___2:30 p.m.President Vladimir Putin's spokesman says the Russian leader has no connection whatsoever to offshore accounts allegedly owned by his close friend. Russian musician.Dmitry Peskov says the leaked documents from a Panama-based firm have been wilfully interpreted by an international consortium of investigative journalists to make what he called an unfounded claim that cellist Sergei Roldugin's offshore assets were linked to the Russian president.Peskov, speaking. The Associated Press Tuesday, emphasized that "there is not a word about President Putin in those papers," and dismissed the alleged link between Russian owners of offshore assets and Putin as a "product of imagination."He said the scandal around the so-called Panama Papers has proven that Putin was right when he urged Russian businesses to pull out their assets from offshores British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn has called for an independent investigation into the tax affairs of people and companies accused of wrongdoing in the leak of the Panama Papers.Labour leader Corbyn said Tuesday the investigation should include a look at the finances of Prime Minister David Cameron and his family.Corbyn spoke after the British press published extensive stories about Cameron's late father setting up an offshore account at a tax haven.He told https://www.rsgoldfast.com/.

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