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That will help you cheap osrs gold
Posted On 02/06/2018 07:10:54 by mmogoxiu
Players need to travel way more on darkscape and it makes the game feel better.Id love to see this limited travel brought into Rs3. Not to the extent as darkscape but make it so ch more limiting than it is now.The added walls and blockades to force players into cheap osrs gold choke points is a feature that makes the game feel fresh to a degree, You know the general places and what not but you need to learn how to move around them differently now. love it.Gear Past 75:I Like the concept of it however, looking over the values the change was way to ch. T90 weapons have less Accuracy than Chaotic weapons on Rs3 (roughly level 78-79 stats). Gear on Rs3 has stats that are way to high and it makes everything a complete joke.. but on darkscape the weapons are complete jokes and the monsters are still weak. its a problem.I think Gear being squished down is good thing.. Level 90 gear should have the stats of Level 85 kind of shifting down 1 tier more or less. Now Everything needs to be restated on a new for la to make things balanced from 1-99, we all see how bad Obby maul is and its why things need to be balanced on a new curve all around instead of just a diminishing return on items past 75. Currently, I am training range.Questions:1. Bind should I be binding range weapons?2. What do I bind? Currently using Zaryte bow and full Armadyl (30M RS Gold cash remaining)3. How do I actually solo dungeons fast?Do as many of the Dungeoneering Achievements as you can, and keep doing them as you level up. The aura and the ring benefits will help you as you progress.Do the Sinkholes minigame twice daily on world 134. That will help you gain levels and tokens.Bind Range or Magic. (I Range, while taking the time to make the best staff I can for those creatures weak to magic). Melee rs gold isn 39;t really all that effective in Dung.Five-man teams doing Large rooms on Complexity 6 make the most xp per hour. However, if you work on your speed to the point where you can complete a C6 medium room going solo in under 20 minutes, you 39;ll make pretty decent xp, too. Buy cheap rs gold from https://www.mmogo.com/

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