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Dainan stainless steel industry support the healthy growth of the steel industry
Posted On 01/24/2018 02:20:28 by wangyueyue
Dainan stainless steel industry support the healthy growth of the steel industrySlight fluctuations in the price range is normal, psychologically speaking, steel mills and direct users want the price is relatively stable, there are still some institutions and social forces hope that the volatility of a little better, good opportunities to make money.[url=http://stainlesssheetprice.com/price-list/6088.html]maraging steel 400 series 430 stainless steel round bar[/url]Long-term business of our long products this year to maintain the price of long-term stability, stability is good, short-term surge will spit it out, we must consider the relationship between the price of the balance.[url=http://steelcoilsales.com/in-stock/11711.html]hoja de acero inoxidable decorativa del final cepillado cr 321[/url]Now rebar has more than 3,500 yuan / ton, up nearly 1,000 yuan over last year, soaring space has been limited, the price is expected to prices and prices have to be cautious, do not get out of the limelight, the price of long products To maintain a strong self-restraint, scientifically formulate steel prices, research market supply and demand and forecast, to ensure that the price is in a reasonable range. At the same time, we must improve the long material marketing model and increase the direct supply ratio. In the market transactions have to play the role of market players.[url=http://steelsheetsales.com/steel-sheet/12634.html]High Quality 6mm Thick Galvanized Steel Sheet Metal Price[/url]Steel prices and ore prices are associated. In recent days, import ore prices rose too fast, from less than 80 dollars quickly to 90 dollars, not normal, soaring ore import prices will seriously disrupt the smooth operation of the market, we must be highly vigilant. In the past, the deposit of 100 million tons in Hong Kong would have to be cut. Now that there are nearly 130 million tons of storage in Hong Kong still rising prices, who is buying? How much trading volume? Just look at the price index reflects the real situation of the transaction, to analyze, cautious shot, not on the trap, the long material market changes want to make a lot of money.[url=http://steelsheetprices.com/steel-sheet/6507.html]High Quality 904l Super Duplex Stainless Steel Pipe[/url]


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