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Posted On 01/13/2018 05:39:53 by rs3gold11
By wow gold now, everybody knows that the digital revolution brings wonders to your laptop and to your cell phone with much, much more to come. But Bob Garfield argues that we sometimes overlook the portent of that word revolution, that metaphorical guillotines accompany sweeping change. The media giants we've all become accustomed to newspapers, magazines, radio and TV are already losing their heads as audiences and advertisers drift away. And again, what follows will be very, very different. So if work in media or marketing, what are you doing to adjust? What will your business be like in five years? Our phone number is 800 989 8255. And you can join the conversation on our Web site. Click on TALK OF THE NATION. Later in the program, Bill T. Jones us to remember the great Merce Cunningham. But first, Bob Garfield joins us from his home in Virginia. He's editor at large for Advertising Age and co host of NPR's ON THE MEDIA. His new book is titled "The Chaos Scenario." Bob, nice to have you on TALK OF THE NATION. BOB GARFIELD: Hi, Neal. Hi, nation. CONAN: There are plenty of smart people, Bob, who think this is a little overstated, that CBS, the New York Times and National Public Radio and Madison Avenue are all going to find ways to adapt and thrive. GARFIELD: Well, overstatement is the way to get attention, isn't it? GARFIELD: But, in fact, it is not overstated. We are not only facing an utter collapse of all of the media infrastructure we've so come to love and depend on for going on 350 years, we're in the middle of it. It is has long since begun. The newspaper industry in the midst of a precipitous decline. Television is in the midst of a precipitous decline. The record industry's already almost gone. And, you know, magazines are having the worst year in modern history, after the a year before that was its previous worst year in modern history, and on and on and on. Because structurally, the media can no longer survive. CONAN: And you also point out which I've not seen others do quite as much the relationship between mass marketing and mass media. And, in fact, you say there's going to be a tipping point at which mass marketing is just going to leave mass media in droves. GARFIELD: That's right. And, in fact, they both of them end together. They have been a perfect yin and yang for 350 years, a perfect symbiotic relationship, depending equally on one another and giving us you know, in the intervening time newspapers and magazines and television, you know, the "Green Acres" and the "CBS Evening News" and the Super Bowl and the Kennedy assassination. And nobody wants this to go away. The media culture is very important to us. It's very important to our democracy. We depend on it. We believe it's our birthright, and yet, you know, it's not a this yin and yang that has been with us all our lives and for many generations before us is not a Newtonian law of physics. It's not in the 10 Commandments. There is nothing there I've pored over them that says thou shalt have new episodes of "Lost" or a profitable New York Times. And it's a disaster in progress. CONAN: It's interesting. I was talking to somebody the other day, and he said, oh, did you read the article in the Times about I said, oh, the front page piece about the reality shows, the constants. He says, oh, I read it online. And then he looked at me, he says, I guess I'm part of the problem. GARFIELD: Well, he is part of the problem. Ironically, the audience of the New York Times and just about every other major newspaper has dramatically expanded for the last over the last 10 years because online, you can you know, you can be read anywhere and here's the key for free. So because you know, free is a really attractive price, and you can't argue with the convenience. So people are reading the New York Times more than they ever have in its history. The problem is the advertisers will not pay for an online ad what they've paid for traditional media ads for years and years and years. And that's because the Internet world while giving us so many wonderful things the digital revolution has provided for us it has created an almost bottomless reservoir of content, and therefore almost a bottomless reservoir of advertising inventory, which depresses the price that any publisher can fetch for its advertising. So the problem with the New York Times and it ABC TV and everywhere else in the old media world, is they cannot generate enough revenue from advertising to pay for the content we have all come to love and depend. And it's not going to get better. It's only going to get worse. GARFIELD: Supply and demand. It's a basic law of economics. GARFIELD: They someone has to produce them, and they have to have, you know, cash up front to do that. And as audiences fragment and the number of people watching any given program diminishes in that it's diminishing in a straight line downward, it becomes harder and harder to come up with the cash to pay for the new stuff. You know, that's why we're all watching reality shows. I've got to tell you, while I was at dinner the other night CONAN: Bob, I have excuse me, I have to interrupt. senators has voted to confirm Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. The senators are still voting, but she has already garnered enough votes for confirmation. She will be the next associate justice of the United States Supreme Court. There will be more on that later today on ALL THINGS CONSIDERED and NPR News. So stay tuned for that. Bob, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt, but GARFIELD: Not at all. I was hoping to make news in this interview, and I see that I have. CONAN: It's all up to you, Bob. Our guest, of course, is Bob Garfield. His new book is "The Chaos Scenario: Amid the Ruins of Mass Media, the Choice of Business is Stark; Listen or Perish." And we're asking listeners today: If you work in media or marketing, what are you doing to adapt to this vastly changed landscape that we're talking about? 800 989 8255. And let's go to Julie. Julie's with us from St. Joseph in Michigan. JULIE: Well, I'm calling in because I heard what you were talking about. And one of the things I've done as a media and PR person I have a company called Think Tank Media and we really, really focus on hyper local marketing. Because it used to be everyone was so worried about how to get the word out to everyone. But it's almost like you've got to go back to guerilla style, one person at a time. We I work with a lot of 501(c)(3)'s on their fundraisers, and we create events and stories that involve the community so that the newspapers will cover it, and ultimately they'll sell more newspapers because of what we're doing. So it's almost like, you know, you're kind of paying it forward by creating great events and great news stories so that local radio can get their listeners and local media can get people to buy their papers. And then when you do that, I feel that you're kind of help all helping each other out. CONAN: Bob Garfield, that's a symbiosis that's worked very well in the past. GARFIELD: Yeah. And, you know, and I think Julie's onto something, because while mass media are doomed and mass marketing is doomed, that doesn't mean media and marketing are doomed. They're just going to scale dramatically, dramatically downward. JULIE: There's a band that I work with called the Michigan City Vandals, and what they've done is they're donating 100 percent of their album sales to Habitat for Humanity until they raise 75,000 to build a house. So the band's doing well. The Habitat affiliate is doing well. And, you know, it's a great news story and they've gotten, you know, recognition, even though there's a band probably what, 40 bands on every block in every city CONAN: And every once in a while, they get a national plug. CONAN: Oh, I don't know, a marketing person on our air. GARFIELD: Welcome to the world of micro media and micro marketing, which is increasingly going to be our future. Julie has described it very eloquently. CONAN: Julie, thanks for the call, and thanks for the wonderful demonstration of absolutely flawless plug ola. Hi Guy! Welcome to take part in Safewow New Year Great promo for all Safewow members. Please register or log in safewow before buying WOW GOLD US/EU with "WOW7L"code or other products, then you will get 3x reward points from Jan 11 to Jan 17. Meantime safewow new member system is also online,never miss to be a new member and you will gain extral 1%-8% discount for buying any Products. 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