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Nothing For Breakfast? Chill Out! It's in the Freezer
Posted On 09/12/2017 08:57:40 by Alisan
´╗┐Very few of display cooler mini freezer make our freezers work hard for us. And fewer still think of the freezer as something to use in conjunction with breakfasts. And yet with a bit of planning, your freezer can become your favourite morning helper, delivering tasty, nutritious and quick breakfasts day after day.

There are other benefits to breakfasts from the freezer, too. You can buy breakfast ingredients in bulk, or on special offer, and store them in the freezer. This saves money, and it also saves on shopping time. And having breakfast in the freezer also means that there's always a fall-back plan.

Freezer breakfasts also make life easier and less stressful. It is reassuring to know that there is always something in the freezer. If you have unexpected visitors, or if for some reason you haven't been able to get to the shops, or if you're unwell yourself, at least there will something for breakfast.

It helps to think of your types of spice to keep meat fresh as doing two different jobs for you. First, it acts as an extra larder, for storing basic individual ingredients. And second, you can use the freezer to store partly-cooked breakfast meals, to help speed things up in the morning, when time is short. This article looks at using a freezer to store basic breakfast ingredients. My next one will look at how to use a freezer to store partly prepared meals.

In terms of individual breakfast items, you can freeze bread, muffins, tortillas, waffles etc. If you slice the bread before you freeze it, you can pull out as many slices as you need and pop them straight in the toaster. The same goes for muffins and rolls etc. Freeze separately, so that you don't find yourself trying to wrench them apart in the morning. If you slice muffins before freezing them, they can go straight in the toaster, too. So if you see special offers at the supermarket, buy a second loaf, slice it up and stick it in the freezer.

You can also freeze milk - do so as soon as possible, and decant a little of the milk out of the top of the container to allow for expansion during freezing. Yoghurt freezes, too, but you'll need to whisk it up a bit when it's de-frosted, as freezing affects the texture slightly. For children, open a small carton of fruit yoghurt (check the ingredients to make sure there's not too much sugar) and stick a new popsicle stick in modern method of storing fruit and vegetable for a ready-made yoghurt 'ice-cream'. You can't freeze cream.

These both freeze well and are perfect for use in breakfast smoothies. Bananas in particular are great, and add a thick, ice-creamy texture. Peel, cut and freeze them in individual freezer bags, along with a handful of frozen berries, melon or other fruit. Then it's simply a matter of whizzing them all together in a blender in the morning, using a slurp of milk or fruit juice to slacken the texture, and adding yoghurt, nuts etc to taste.

With liquids, it's a good idea to use two freezer bags, just in case once gets a tiny rip in it. You don't want to have to scrape frozen milk off the bottom of your freezer. Try to get as much of the air out of the freezer bag as possible, as it helps prevent freezer burn. Some people swear by using a straw to cocola cool drink refrigerator the air out of the bag.

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