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Newest Air Jordan 1 High Retro "Bred" 1994 Sneakers
Posted On 08/29/2016 09:12:21 by sh460121
New Jordans 2016 launch sparked heated debate, but Jordan Brand used to tell this story thirtieth generation boots supporting --Air Jordan 1 "Banned" actually was the biggest winner, this year became the loudest voices engraved shoes. Original Air Jordan 1 "Banned" and Air Jordan XXXI is scheduled for September 3 simultaneous release, but do not know whether to give "a black and red" paving the way "31 generation" release date brought forward to September 1. Compared to "31 generation" has fallen below the offer price situation, the new "black and red 1" of the day is better than a lot. Not only sale price broke through the 3,000 mark, sweeping away this year, Jordan Brand other products decline, a treasure and a circle of friends, "the National sale", it is also seen high popularity. The Air Jordan 1 High Retro "Banned" 2011 is the most consistent with seven pairs of "cut through" the theme of a pair. Heel red paint texture of the "X" to make it appear to be so unruly unruly. In addition to the heel, there are also red "X" symbol on the shoebox and insole. Shoelace and "Imagine If ...?" Shoebox on words but also from the year ad slogan, people full of infinite imagination and memories. Special elements of so many memorable gathered in these shoes on, making it hard to find a shoe in the first year after the Air Jordan 1 High "Bred", the most expensive "black and red one." Cheap Jordans 2016 for sale, This September, "I want to have a pair of black and red 1!" Is how many people wish it? Although the history of the Air Jordan 1 "Bred" or Air Jordan 1 "Banned" including suits, including a total engraved six times, but no matter which one is for sale, no matter what time you want to buy it back, it is all in one superior attitude, to make you difficult to reach. Because not only is hard to find a shoe, the market price after the resale also alarmingly high. Throughout Jordan sneakers market to achieve such a success, it was only "black and red 1", and even the Air Jordan 11 "Concord" and Air Jordan 3 "black and white cement" hard goods such as contrast, but also a little significantly less. That was its original appearance, although it seems to have a little mottled on the collar, but that the time left on it the most gentle imprint, black and red shoebox its Brilliance. 31 years later, to find one pair of new Air Jordan 1 High "Bred" OG 1985 is already a very difficult task, because the number is really rare, it is the market price of many "black and 1" highest takes this price friends to buy it, there is a necessity to their untold story about 10 years apart, "black and red 1" for the first time engraved. Or authentic black and red glossy leather, shoe box has been replaced with the year printed Joe Joe 1 to 9 illustration of the new shoebox. May Since then, more people noticed the "black and red 1" appreciation of space, now on the market, the new Air Jordan 1 High Retro "Bred" 1994 Edition 1985 compared to larger quantities, the price in the ancient version intermediate position, but has also been quite a lot of money. 2016 Jordans For Sale, Over time, "a black and red" popularity has also accumulated to the peak, which is engraved in paragraph 6, 2013 reflected most vividly, "black and red 1". More and more fashion star foot on it from a pair of basketball shoes, gradually transformed into one pair of stylish shoes. Therefore, the influx of the influx of people from various quarters led to some outrageous prices. But in fact, this pair of Air Jordan 1 High Retro "Bred" 2013 is the most authentic pair of "black and red 1", without any special mark, black and red shoe and the first year is very similar. But such a high market price, many want to find one pair can pressure the road of "black and red 1" friend prohibitive. If you see more carefully, the author generations "black and red 1" into the "Bred" and "Banned" categories. In fact, the official did not have this points system, just as Air Jordan 12 "Bred" and "Flu Game", as both describe the same a shoe. But it was called "Banned", because it has more "Banned" mark, Air Jordan 1 High Retro "Banned" 2016 lychee leather and Air Jordan 1 High Retro "Banned" 2011 is very similar to the texture it had been no less. Shoes collar "841018X" Jordan will also be the first time the "Banned" color into the NBA record down the date, and the first year's style is very similar. We then see the price, taking into account the Jordan Brand is now on the market weakness and high prices of other versions, if the sale price can buy this shoe is quite a bargain.

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