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Blog Entry: The kitten heel is a much shorter heelbetween one and one and a half inches high. It meets the shoe at its widest place and curves to a narrower point at the very bottom. Originally called "trainer heels," these shoes were designed in the 1950s to help young girls get used to wearing high heels. Highquality kitten heels typically have leather uppers and are worn by women who like the look of heels but prefer something shorter than the stiletto or standard pump heel height. They can be worn with most styles of clothing. A spokesman for Nike said: "This month Nike is scheduled to release a version of the Nike SB Dunk Low that has been unofficially named by some using a phrase that can be viewed as inappropriate and insensitive. We apologise. No offence was intended." Ciaran Staunton, President of the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform said: "Is there no one at Nike able to Google Black and Tan?" Many families struggle with their food budget, and choosing local grassfed beef or pastureraised pork, fresh milk, and organically grown vegetables seems like a luxury. For other families, the biggest struggle is simply one of access. They may live too far from the countryside to make easy connections with growers, and too far from the city to access many resources there. Kitchen management and simple home economics can help to mitigate the increased cost of purchasing grassfed meats, farmfresh eggs or organic fruits and vegetables. Choosing single ingredient foods, as opposed to expensive packaged organic foods, can help to offset some expense. Also, some of the most inexpensive cuts of meat, such as bone or offal, number among the most nutritious while traditional methods of preparing food, like soups, braises and stews, can turn even the least expensive, toughest cuts into something that is utterly tender and flavorful. Overseas employees Golden Goose like Devlin loved the idea of GPIN. But Beavertonbased employees didn't always update GPIN when product information or designs changed, making it hard for overseas employees to rely on it. The problem was that the Beaverton employees didn't need to use GPIN to do their jobs, and there was little incentive for them to put the extra effort into keeping it uptodate.