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United Kingdom
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12/31/2012 06:16:15

Riddhima wrote:
hi i was buzy how r u?

i am fine and you again

08/06/2011 17:58:31
Asalaam Alaikum, How are you today, I hope that you are good isha alah. It is with great pleasure that i am contacting you, so that we can start having communication with each other. Please, i wish you will have the desire as i do so that we can get to know each other better and see what happens in future.You must be surprised receiving a message from an unknown person, do not worry that's just the beginning of friendship. To love is to live we will get along well as life generally envolves in relationship, friendliness. contact me on my private email address for better communication at (farida_hammed@hotmail.com) By this introduction, i would be needing your help, & guidiance & also a good relationship. I will be happy to give you details about myself and share my pictures with you . I will be waiting to hear from you, as i wish you all the best for the day. God Bless. Yours friendly Miss Farida

06/14/2011 11:10:23

Riddhima wrote:
ohhhhhh it's morning now i was sooooooo buzy anywaz how r u?

i am fine thank you dear acha ap yaha join karo

04/01/2011 14:19:49
hmm good thank u and main apko ye link send kar raha hoon ap yaha join karo gi tu mujhy bahot khushi hogi


03/20/2011 08:00:43
main tek hon san ka nahi pata hahahah and ajkl kuchzida hi buzy hogyi hai ap

02/19/2011 05:41:56
friends ko thank u nahi bolte hain yaar khair choro itne dino se kaha thi kitna miss kiya .......

01/31/2011 07:34:38
hmm and i well pray 4 u k acha hi guzry

01/18/2011 05:16:48
woooow hehehehehe tareef na karo na phir u ne makhan lagali hain na hahahahahahahaha

01/14/2011 04:41:12
naye saal ka agaz tu bara khushgawar hain and end ka pata nahi hahahahaha and u sunawo:tongue:

12/25/2010 21:03:29
hmmmmmmmm and soryy 4 leat reply i was so buzy now i am free :tongue:

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